How To Get That Summer Look In Four Easy Steps

If you aren’t used to hot weather, then summer is often a difficult time when it comes to fashion. In the stores, there doesn’t seem to be anything to wear except for crop tops and shorts that might just show far more thigh than you’re strictly comfortable with. Dressing for summer is a lot harder than winter – there’s no more covering yourself up with thick tights and cosy sweaters. Here are a few things you can do to make sure that your summer look is on point.
Take Care Of Your Skin
First of all, it’s important to make sure that you take care of your skin. There’s nothing that’s more harmful to the condition of your skin than the sun – it can age you and cause wrinkles and skin discoloration, which means that it’s important to make sure that you apply sunscreen with a high SPF underneath your makeup and on any part of your body that might be exposed to the sun. Keep drinking plenty of water – not only will this keep you hydrated so you don’t get headaches and dizziness, but it’ll also make sure that your skin stays glowing and fresh all day long.
Keep Your Hair In Good Condition
During the summer, it’s easy to let your hair get dry and frizzy. If you’re out all day in the sun then it can get bleached by the sun’s rays, and it can also get incredibly dry, making it feel like straw. This is particularly true if you’re on vacation or you live near a beach, which might just mean that you get salt water in your hair a lot! Make sure that you comb a good conditioner through the ends of your hair every time that you wash it and that you use a deep conditioner at least once a week. You should also make sure that you protect your hair and scalp from the sun by wearing a hat and using a sunscreen spray on the top of your head.
Use Makeup
Even if you aren’t big on makeup, you can use it to help create a perfect glowing summer complexion if yours isn’t quite there yet. Look online at tutorials by vloggers like Zoella and on sites like Beauty Ambition for any tips on how to apply your makeup, and remember that if you’re tanned from the sun, you should go for a darker foundation than during the winter months. Use a primer and a setting spray to make sure that your makeup stays on your face, and go for waterproof mascara that won’t smear.
Don’t Worry About Current Trends
Finally, there’s no need to worry about what trends are currently being sold to you by fashion magazines – instead, wear what you feel comfortable with and that you’ll be able to dig out and wear again over future summers. Go for natural breathable materials like cotton and silk, and loose maxi dresses and midi skirts that will be comfortable and cool no matter how oppressive the heat feels.

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