Forever Friends: Why Liking Yourself Is Key

Emmerey Rose

There’s a saying that goes ‘the only person you can rely on is yourself’ and while many of us are strong, independent people we still struggle to be our own best friend. Liking who you are is far better than trying to make other people like you. Once you learn how to respect, trust and love yourself, you’ll understand that the people who love you don’t care about the fact you think you’re a little kooky, weird or off-the-wall. While those who care about the fact you enjoy reading books instead of watching movies will never know how awesome you are.


Instant Inner Strength

People tend to respond to individuals who don’t follow the crowd, aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves and who do something because they feel it’s right not just because someone else does it. While in the short term your friends may be happy that you’re giving them lifts to the mall, helping them with an essay or picking up their laundry from the dry cleaner over time they’ll start to respect you less. If you’re always available, never choose the place where you go for dinner and constantly let them tease or belittle you they’ll end up thinking you’re kind of weak, lack confidence and don’t respect yourself. Stand out from the crowd by showing you’re confident, make eye contact, talk to them without mumbling, or trailing off and go after the opportunities you want even if others disagree!


Get Off The Emotional Roller Coaster

It’s great being complimented, isn’t it? Having someone say they love your hair, shoes or makeup is fantastic because not only do you know you look good but also that someone has noticed how much effort you’ve put into your appearance. However, it’s vital that you don’t start fishing for compliments as even a telephone psychic is aware when someone’s trying to desperately connect completely unrelated events to prove their relationship is fate! Once you start relying on others to validate how you feel, if you don’t get an instant positive comment you’ll feel worried, sad or even angry as you confidence takes a sharp downswing. Constantly seeking other people’s approval means that you’re also more likely to listen, and be hurt by, any negative comments.


You’ll Feel Far More Relaxed

Once you’re no longer putting on an act, you’ll start to relax and let your real personality begin to shine through. While it’s important you don’t give too much of yourself to other people, opening up to someone and letting them know that you’re vulnerable reflects an honest nature. One of the most crucial aspects of any friendship, relationship or even business partnership is trust. Being honest will help you to gain respect as well as relieving you of any comments that you wished you’d been able to say but just didn’t have the guts to. However, there is a thing as too much honesty! Be polite and friendly, not rude and cutting. For instance, if a friend asks if you like their top you don’t need to say yes it’s amazing! Likewise, neither should you tell them that they probably shouldn’t wear stripes as it makes their shoulders look bigger.

Forever Friends: Why Liking Yourself Is Key
Forever Friends: Why Liking Yourself Is Key


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