Indian Hair Extensions – The Best Option To Revamp Your Personal Style

Hair extensions are a revolutionary entrant in cosmetology industry that purely aim at helping you obtain the look that you have always desired. In women’s quest to look gorgeous, hair accessories have the power to entirely change your hairdo along with offering you a different look every time you wear them.

Human hair extensions made up of Indian hair is of the best quality. They haven’t had any chemical treatment involved in their making which is why they can easily blend well with any other ethnic descent. However, it is really important to make sure that you obtain hair sourced from Indian temple and not the brushed tresses.

The main difference is that temple hair is directly cut from the head of the donor and has all of the cuticles facing the same direction. Bushed sourced extensions, however, are collected after a women brushes every day. Therefore, extensions made with brushed sourced hair have mixed cuticles that usually face in opposite direction and cause tangling.

The hair has everything natural so you enjoy supreme styling options and the most natural look. They have also been acclaimed one of the best solutions to your receding hairline problem.

Advantages of Indian Hair Extensions

  1. Styling Options

Indian virgin hair is one of the best human hair types that have been used for making hair extensions around the world. Since they are completely unprocessed and free from all kinds of chemical treatment, they work just like your natural tresses. You can wash them, color or straight iron or style them in any way without worrying about any damage to them.

  1. Naturally Thick Curls

Indian curly hair bundles are unbeatably thick, soft and smooth and have utmost elasticity and naturally curly pattern. They are made up of 100% human hair obtained directly from the donors. They are known for their highest quality and healthiest hair texture. One of the biggest advantages of these curly extensions that they have no tangling, matting and shedding problems that guarantees a long-lasting use for your everyday hairstyle.


  1. Natural Look

Another advantage of these extensions is the way they look. They hold human protein filaments which make them indistinguishable from your actual tresses. Indian synthetic extensions, on the other hands, are made from plastic and are easily detectable as something artificial beside your natural strands. The idea of Indian Remy hair eliminates the fake appearance of synthetic hair and leaves you relaxed and confident with natural looking style. They move naturally as you walk and act as your own hair does.

  1. Perfect Volume & Length

Indian virgin loose wave bundles are the best option for those who have been thinking about adding volume and length to their locks with natural hair products. They are human-source extension and much better than synthetic wefts that are usually appropriate for one time use only. The hair lasts longer and acts like normal human hair.

  1. Easy Attach

You can use different ways to attach Indian hair extensions such as welding, waxing, modulating, knotting or gluing. For many women, modulation provides the most natural look and supreme comfort. Apart from natural appearance, this method also allows you to brush and do styling normally with no fear of wefts being torn or loosen like they would do with other methods.

  1. Care & Maintenance

Virgin hair extensions require minimum care in order to be used for prolonged periods of time. If left uncared, these wefts may start smelling just like natural hair would. Therefore, washing them from time to time is not mandatory yet can be good enough to eliminate the smell and maintain the shine. There are numerous ways in which you can wash your hair bundles. Professionals or beauty experts dealing with hair accessories might help you considerably. However, it’s always better to do your homework to make sure you are doing it right.

Regardless of what hair extensions you buy, most of the highest quality hairs come from India. With many distributors claiming to hold the best quality wefts at a low price, finding excellent quality Indian virgin Remy locks can really be daunting. Remember, great quality worth a price so you can’t get great tresses by paying a mint but you won’t get it cheaper, either.

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