Launched in 2011 as an online diary. Fast forward to 2016, this blog has transformed a lot from being a personal and humble little blog into a style blog open for everyone who needs some fashion, makeup and lifestyle tips. So if you're looking for fashion tips, makeup reviews, DIY tutorials and some lifestyle hacks then you might want to browse around my humble little blog 🙂
To give you a little information about me, well... I'm a 23 yr old blogger from the Philippines. My interests are fashion, beauty and lifestyle, hence this blog. I love basically anything where I can be as creative as I could. I also have a thing for photo and video editing. Also, a lot of you might not know but  I am a business enthusiast. I grew up with business-minded parents. I am a proud Usana associate and I consider health and time as the currency of life. I am a huge pasta lover, and listening to music is my favorite hobby. Check 8 random facts about me (here).
I input a couple of personal and random posts (here) about me and what's going on with my life here on the blog. So if you're interested, you're all welcome to tag along with my journey! <3


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