FotoJet Review + 3 Premium Accounts Giveaway!

Graphic designing need not an expensive editing software nor pro skills. For those who didn’t have the chance or time to learn Photoshop, a free online graphic design software like FotoJet comes very handy. For bloggers like me who design our own graphics for our content and blog, graphic designing is a must skill. Fotojet pretty much makes the whole process easier that is why I love it. For non-bloggers who simply love photos, loves to edit selfies and create stunning photo effects and collages, I am pretty sure you will love FotoJet too! FotoJet is a free online graphic […]

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How to Design a Stunning Instagram Feed

I’m back! It has been a hectic month for me. It’s halfway till August kicks in and school break is over. I haven’t blogged for the longest time and I miss blogging! I miss you guys! ūüôā Couldn’t take enough time to sit and type my thoughts. I have been quite active on social media tho. You can pretty catch me on my Instagram stories and Instagram feed whenever I’m MIA here on my blog. Speaking of Instagram, well I can’t say that I have the most artsy feed but I do have some knowledge and things that I learned […]

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Top 3 New Korean Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss

Fight My Way Actors - New Korean Dramas to watch

What’s up!? I’ve never blogged since my last Father’s Days dedication post which is about more or less 15 days ago. It’s been hectic and a lot has happened. Nevertheless, I’m back with not a fashion nor beauty related post, but about #kdrama¬†(aaaahhh!).¬†If you’re a Kdrama lover like me, then you’re most probably already watching these currently airing Korean dramas. In case you haven’t yet, or if you’re currently binge watching some other Kdrama. Then you better spend some time catching up with these three cool, new and exciting¬†Korean dramas! Fight My Way Fight My Way or Third Rate My […]

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Cool Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day

The weekend is fast approaching, which means it’s almost the time to celebrate Father’s Day! Mother’s day has gone by so fast last month and it’s now our fathers’ turn to be thanked and appreciated. What more can we give as a sign of love and being grateful than spending a day with the best man in our life? Here, I listed some cool ideas to celebrate father’s day. Road Trip If your family is up for adventures, then this is the perfect way to¬†enjoy on Father’s day. Gas up, pack some lunch and snacks, blast some music and go […]

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Little Black Dress

They say… “One can never go wrong with a little black dress” and I couldn’t agree more! You guys know I love black clothing pieces, and dresses are no exception. I recently found how comfortable¬†dresses¬†are, which I mentioned in one of my previous post (Sunday Florals). Since then, I have been on the hunt for the perfect little black dress. Perfect timing since the mom of my boyfriend’s black and white birthday party was approaching. So I decided to look online. I looked into a few of my favorite online shops and found myself browsing through an online shop of […]

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