The Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For HER

It’s that time of the year when we share our blessings to other people especially to the ones close to our hearts, our family and friends. Christmas is just about to come and if you have not shop yet, you better shop now because people are gonna run to the mall and shop for gifts a few days from now. Talk about the Christmas rush. Shop as early as now you guys. But if you don’t have the luxury of time to hop from one mall to another, then shop online. You better shop online now so it will be […]

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FashionmeShop Wishlist!

Happy Sunday girls! how’s your weekend going? I have been window shopping online and I have been obsessing over a few items. I just can’t get my eyes off of them! Last night, I visited FashionmeShop and saw some gorgeous casual clothing items that I am loving! I’m doing a collab with them in the future by the way. They’ve contacted me to try out their items and so I immediately visited their shop and viola! I fell in love! They have a ton of items for us to choose from. If you’re the type who loves womens bodycon dresses, […]

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Tech Must Haves for Summer

Hey there! summer is up in the air! (it rhymed!) . Anyway, for some of you summer vacation might about to end but as for me and those who starts classes by August, we’re just about to hit summer! And how eventful summer can be other than hitting the beach!? or even going on a crazy adventure with friends or family!? Whatever trip you’re going into this summer, here I listed some of the must have gadgets for this summer. ACTION CAMERA XiaoMi Yi Sports and Action Camera If your budget can’t afford the famous GoPro, you might want to […]

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Home Décor Wishlist

I have been on Pinterest all throughout this Holy Week. And as usual, I’ve pinned so many!lol So many great DIYs, tutorials and home decor inspirations. I wish I can instantly just get them out of the screen and place on my room. oh well… In case you wanna see what I have been pinning on Pintesrest you might want to follow me (if you want to), just click here. Anyway, for today I wanna share with you some of my favorite home decors that I am dying to have right now.  I love this spring inspired Letter E Decor […]

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Christmas is obviously just around the corner. Right after Halloween, it’s again that time of the year to setup Christmas lights, lanterns and Christmass tree <3 And as usual, its that time of the year to list your favorites for the exchange gift tradition on Christmas Eve. It’s also a great way to let people know what items you like to get so they won’t have a hard time choosing which one they think you’ll love. You know what I mean? So,for my friends and family reading this… please take note of these awesome items I want! bwahahahahaha!  Again, if […]

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